What Are The Most Stressful Parts Of Driving? Find Out Here

Wed 10th Oct 2018

A new study has revealed the most stressful elements of driving a car, with the dangerous habits of other drivers topping the list.

Being tailgated is the number one cause of stress for UK drivers according to motor insurance group Swinton Group. Tailgating is deemed a driving offence likely to lead to offenders receiving a £100 fine and three penalty points on their licence. The issue is also responsible for one in eight casualties on the road each year.

Other stress points caused by other road users includes poor driving decisions by other drivers, cyclists, horses and even passing tractors. 35 per cent of drivers say that bad weather causes them stress on the roads, but even more say that driving on a winding lane with blind bends winds them up.

Swinton have teamed up with road safety charity IAM RoadSmart with a campaign to reduce stress on the roads this winter.

Anne Kirk of Swinton said: “We see a sharp increase in calls to our customer service team each year from October and throughout the winter period as drivers navigate tougher driving conditions and busier roads.

''We know that stressed drivers can contribute to accidents, and we want to play our part in helping reduce the likelihood of incidents on the road.”

Rebecca Ashton, head of driving behaviours at IAM RoadSmart, said: “The behaviour of others on the road has a significant impact on the stress levels felt by motorists, so we’re encouraging drivers to remember their road manners.

“Stress can affect how we feel physically and emotionally and, as a result, can impair our judgement and our reactions.

“Courtesy costs nothing, and tailgating or making sudden decisions, like braking and swerving, will frustrate other drivers and distract you.

“Aggressive driving is not safe, so if you feel agitated, you should always stop driving.”

The Top 10 Driving Stress Points

  1. Being tailgated (i.e. another driver being very close behind me)

  2. Poor driving decisions by other drivers (e.g. speeding)

  3. Bad road surfaces (e.g. potholes)

  4. Winding lanes with blind bends (i.e. bends I cannot easily see around)

  5. Bad weather (e.g. heavy rain etc.)

  6. Passing cyclists on the road

  7. A lack of road lighting

  8. It being too sunny (i.e. sun shining in my eyes when driving)

  9. Passing horses on the road

  10. Passing tractors on the road