What Are The Safest Cars Of 2018?

Wed 9th May 2018

Though the majority of modern vehicles are safer than ever with greater safety features, there are some which are safer than others and now a list of the best in each category has been put together.

If car safety is one of your main priorities when purchasing a new vehicle the list, which has been compiled by Autotrader, will make for interesting reading. With Euro NCAP safety a huge selling point for vehicles in the modern market, savvy drivers are now basing their decisions on which vehicles might keep them safest in a traffic collision.

Autotrader’s list is great PR for the Volkswagen group, at a time when they are facing bad headlines for the diesel emissions scandal. Of the six different car categories, VW have the safest car in three.

The top cars are ranked on their Euro NCAP rating from 2017.

Safest Executive Car: Volkswagen Arteon
With a massive 96% Euro NCAP rating, this rival to Audi’s A5 Sportback is a premium alternative to the Passat.

Safest Large Off-Road Car: Volvo XC60
Volvo has a long history of producing safe cars, mainly due to the environment they were driven in in the chilly northern European climes of Scandanavia, where there’s just as much danger of colliding with some lively wildlife as that of another road user.  The CX60 has an impressive 98% score for adults and 87% for children. Buy the XC60 today from just £309 per month.

Safest Small Off-Road Car: Volkswagen T-Roc
Volkswagen’s tiny SUV may be the baby of the bunch, but it’s hard to break and lives up to its name. Safety features galore give it an 86% adult and 87% child safety standard.

Safest Supermini: Volkswagen Polo
Small but strong has to be the message for the Polo, which for its category is impressive. Get a 2017 Polo today from just £171 per month.

Safest Small MPV: Vauxhall Crossland X
Perhaps its a little confused in Euro NCAP’s labelling, most critics would call the Crossland an SUV, however there’s no question over its safety credentials, perfect for families.

Safest Small Family Cars: Subaru XV and Impreza
Virtually the same car, just with different names, give or take a few inches in the ride height. Subaru’s impressive Eyesight camera system monitors upcoming traffic and the car’s position on the road.

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