What Are The World’s Top Car Brands?

Thu 17th Oct 2019

An influential report into the planet’s biggest brands has been dominated by the automotive sector, but which was the biggest car brand?

The Interbrand annual report lists the most recognisable brand names on the planet, ranking them based on brand value and whilst there are some obvious names at the top of the list such as Apple, Google and Amazon, it is the automotive sector which is best represented overall.

Speaking about the everchanging list of superbrands, Charles Trevail, Global CEO of Interbrand said: “Twenty years on from our first report, customers today are more informed, more connected and more demanding than ever before through a combination of wealth of choice, erosion of loyalty and shifting frames of reference wanting immediacy, abundance and intimacy – all at the same time.

“The age of brand positioning is over. In a world where customer expectations will continue to move faster than businesses, static brand positions and incremental change will just about keep brands in the game – but it will take, brave, we would say ‘iconic’, moves, to make brands leap ahead of customer expectations and ultimately deliver extraordinary business results.”

Toyota is ranked as the best car brand on the planet, with an overall brand value of £43 billion, up five per cent on the previous year. The Japanese finished in seventh place overall, one place above Mercedes-Benz both of which snuck into the top ten ahead of McDonalds and Disney.

It wasn’t all positive news, Kia saw their brand value slump by 7%, and Nissan faired only slightly better with a drop of 6%. Ferrari on the other hand was the highest riser of the 15 motor brands on the list of 100, with a jump of 12%.