What Car Will Prime Minister Liz Have?

Mon 5th Sep 2022

As the UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss prepares to take the reins of government, one of the first arguments she might have to address is the issue of transport, but not the UK’s transport, but her own vehicle.

Last week The Sun newspaper revealed that the global shortage of microchips could have a direct affect on the ministerial cars driven by the Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet.

The vehicles, which are provided by the Metropolitan Police, as part of Grade 7 protection, include a fleet of bulletproof Jaguars and Range Rovers. But after Jaguar paused production of XJs due to pandemic pressures, it is likely that there will not be enough new vehicles to meet government demand, and it is expected that Liz Truss will be chauffeured around in an armoured Audi A8 instead.

Rumours inside Whitehall suggest that the decision to switch has already been made, with the Sun quoting an unnamed cabinet minister saying: ‘anti-Brexit bureaucrats hiding behind a value-for-money smokescreen’.

Jaguar have provided cars to the Prime Minister for more than 30 years, a decision taken by Britain’s first female PM, Margaret Thatcher.  A switch to a foreign brand would not be a great look, for the former Foreign Secretary.

It remains to be seen what car Liz Truss will be in, but a Govt spokesperson told The Sun: “The Government Car Service only use British manufactured cars and there are no plans to move away from championing British industry.

“Any decisions on changing vehicles for ministers would be a decision for the Met and factor in any wider security concerns.”