What Country Has Cheapest Driving Lessons?

Wed 3rd Nov 2021

The UK may be showing slow signs of recovering from the pandemic, but if you are learning to drive, or are considering taking lessons then you either face a long wait or a huge bill as demand far exceeds supply.

British learner drivers can expect to pay a minimum cost of £1,244 to learn to drive according to analysis from Uswitch, making it one of the most expensive places in Europe to qualify to drive.

Costs to consider include provisional licence (£34), replacement licence (£20), practical test (£62), theory test (£23) and the eye-watering prospect of lessons at between £25-30 per hour.

Other nations vary on costs, with some such as Norway having a mandatory requirement of learning hours, meaning the Scandinavian country has a minimum cost of £2,536.82.

At the other end of the scale, it is possible to get a driving licence in Thailand for just £84, that includes the two-year option on the licence, a doctors certificate, a minimum 10 hours of lessons - which include tests on eyesight, multiple choice test and a practical.

In the USA theoretically you could pass your test for just £145.21 with an all-inclusive package, though that would probably include taking the minimum hours and passing first time and also being in a state where it is quite cheap to purchase a licence.

“Learning to drive abroad is somewhat easier in different countries, but it can also be somewhat harder. ‘The main thing to remember is that if you decide to take your driving test abroad, or start learning to drive in a different country, you have to obey their rules of the road,” said Florence Codjoe, Car Insurance Expert at Uswitch.

When it comes to driving, everyone is different. Even though there are minimum costs for driving in different countries, don’t stop learning until you are fully confident to take your test. If you are driving abroad at any time, make sure your driving licence, MOT, and car insurance are valid in the country that you’re driving in, and check if you need an international driving permit.”