What Did The UK’s Top Motor Journalists Name As Their Car of the Year?

Mon 24th Dec 2018

As writers for one of the world’s oldest car publications, the motoring hacks at Autocar have had to drive some of the best and worst of vehicles this year. But which were their top picks?

As expected, there were supercars, luxury cars and affordable cars on the list, but what did they all put at the top of their own personal podium?

Steve Cropley - ~Jaguar I-Pace
He said: “I think it’s the future. I think it’s brave of them and I do like driving electric cars. I’ve had this electric motorbike for a few years and I just like the whole experience, the precision of the powertrain. And I think the Jag’s interior is special.”

Dan Prosser - Ford Fiesta ST

He said: “The big deal is that the Fiesta is the only car here that’s really affordable. That’s not a detail: that’s a fundamental thing. And there are certain things about it, such as the cohesion of the dynamics, that you’d expect of a much more expensive car, so in some ways, you don’t feel you’re driving a bargain motor. It feels like a much more expensive experience.”

Andrew Frankel - Alpine A110
He said: “It’s an important car. I’ve been waiting all my working life for a car to do what the A110 does, which is what the 911 did in 1964. It provides something that is really good fun to drive, and rewarding and everything else, but it does it in a package you can use day in and day out.”

Matt Saunders - Bowler Bulldog
He said: “It’s brilliant. You know what it’s like in this job: you’re up against your own expectations. This car just comes out of nowhere and it’s the last thing you expect. It’s great fun. You can do so many different things with it. It’s a proper motorsport car and has so much more credibility than any tuned-up Defender, so it deserves more recognition than it has had.”

Ricky Lane - Lotus Exige

He said: “I think we’re in danger of taking it for granted, just because it’s been around for so long, and forgetting what an incredible bit of engineering it is. Compared with the A110, it’s hopelessly unsuitable for daily driving, but I think it delivers a purity, a hit.”

Matt Prior - Ariel Atom 4

He said: “The Atom not because it’s a bit better than the old one but because it’s so much better. It feels like they’ve moved a generation and a half. It still has all of the engagement but none of the bad bits. So in a Lotus sort of way, it filters the kicks and only gives you the messages you want.”

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