What Do The Biggest Car Manufacturers In The World Have Planned For Electric?

Wed 21st Mar 2018

The UK Government is committed to electric vehicles and so it seems are more and  more car manufacturers as they speed towards a day when all cars run off battery power.

So what are the biggest car manufacturers in the world planning for the increasing demand for electric cars?

German manufacturers are some of the keenest to go green, BMW have announced plans to bring a total of 25 different electric cars under their own-name brands as well as Rolls-Royce and Mini. That’s right an electric Rolls-Royce! BMW says these additional vehicles should be ready by 2025 and have increased spend on development to an impressive 7 billion Euros.

Elsewhere in Germany, the Volkswagen Group is working with a number of partners on a 20 billion euro project to develop batteries and in a separate announcement also approved 34 billion euros to go towards electric car technology.

Daimler is another German company making serious commitments to electric. They are aiming for annual sales of electric cars to reach 100,000 per year by 2020 and have invested 10 billion euros in electric and hybrid technology for their luxury cars.

Audi seem to be a little slower off the electric starting line, though they are still showing willing and are scheduled to have launched 20 electrified models in collaboration with VW’s Porsche by 2025.

Across the Atlantic and one of the biggest gas guzzling nations on the planet are also making promises on electric vehicles. Both GMC and Ford are investing billions into the projects, with General Motors also hoping to produce profitable vehicles, which will please shareholders. Ford has invested $11 billion and has a portfolio of 40 vehicles in their line-up.

In the Far East there is plenty of activity on electric vehicles, Toyota have partnered with Panasonic to develop EV batteries, whilst Hyundai and its smaller stablemate Kia are committed to an ambitious 38 green models by 2025.

And in China, one of the most forward-thinking green tech countries, Great Wall Motor Co is aiming to double its sales of electric vehicles to 2 million by 2025. The company is also assisting BMW with their project to produce electric Minis in Beijing.