What Does Your Car Colour Reveal About You?

Wed 29th Jun 2022

Are you an owl, a chilli or a heron? A strange question which you might never have been asked before, but according to a leading colour psychologist, the colour of your car can influence some of the key behavioral decisions in our life.

Karen Haller has worked with car finance firm Carmoola to anaylse the personality traits of drivers who own vehicles with the most popular colors, and even though grey is the most popular colour in the country, it still tells us that most of us car owners are ‘Owls’.

An owl prefers to remain behind the scenes and shy away from the spotlight, according to Haller’s findings, which possibly makes sense as grey cars are unlikely to stand out. Grey car drivers are often measured and don’t make rash decisions.

Whilst red cars might not be as popular as white, black or silver, we can still tell a lot about someone who owns one, they are known as a ‘chilli pepper’. Red car owners like to live in the fast lane, are always the centre of attention and enjoy taking risk. There’s also a scientific reason that red cars are associated with speed, as the colour red advances to the eye fastest making red cars appear faster than they are.

Finally, there many thousands of silver cars on the road, and these are driven by the Heron drivers. Herons are serene and clam and prefer the finer things in life says Haller. Herons enjoy splashing the cash on things to make them seem slightly more exciting.

"Buying a new car is one of life’s greatest pleasures and the colour of the vehicle is clearly going to play a part in that,” said Carmoola CEO, Aidan Rushby.

“Manufacturers are constantly making subtle changes to the colours of their vehicles although the core colours remain the same because they sell so well.

“But there is a deeper meaning to our choice and many elements come into play. Our data shows that 31 percent of people chose a car just because of its colour.

“But in an ideal world, other considerations should come first, such as the price or monthly payments."