What Does Your Car Reveal About Your Personality?

Mon 3rd May 2021

Does the typical BMW driver exist? Many of us believe that it takes a certain type of personality to drive a certain type of car - but what is the truth of the matter?

New research published by Uswitch recently revealed that there a number of key traits, including your attitude, lifestyle, perceptions that can influence your choice of car brand, the model and even the colour.

The analysis, which was performed by expert psychologist, Lee Chambers, aimed to prove or dispel the myths about certain car owners. Chambers looked at some of the UK’s most iconic brands and attributed key personality traits to them. 

So Tesla drivers are said to be forward thinking risk-takers, with innovative being another obvious trait. Those who are in possession of a VW Beatle are creative, traditional and think outside the box. A Fiat 500 on your drive? Then you might be artistic but have a desire to conform to society.

And as for the typical BMW driver?  Described by Chambers’ analysis as brave, flashy and self-confident, research from YouGov highlights that 70 per cent of BMW drivers see themselves as being more knowledgeable than other drivers. Chambers agrees that they don’t lack confidence, saying:  “BMW drivers are likely to be brave, given the stereotypes often presented. They are very confident and have a lot of self-belief.” 

And perhaps we might be being harsh on BMW drivers, after all research from Vanmonster suggests that Audi drivers are the least competent, considerate, and honest of all drivers. But Chambers thinks differently. “Audi drivers are usually very stylish and tend to follow popular trends. If you own an Audi it’s likely you’re trying to make a statement, without standing out from the crowd too much,” he said.