What Is The Most Complained About Road In Britain?

Tue 18th Jun 2019

Britain’s crumbling roads seem to be in a constant state of disrepair, but there are some worse than others, and a new report has revealed the worst roads in the country.

Potholes seem to be the biggest culprit, there may be 4,000 in Blackburn, Lancashire but according to research published earlier this year there were a total of 48,767 pothole complaints submitted to councils in 2017/18 and there is thought to 40,000 miles of road in the UK which are deemed to be in ‘poor condition’ and in need of repair.

So it must come as no surprise that the latest study by CarParts4Less shows that there are some roads in England with literally hundreds of complaints made against them. Cash-strapped councils are struggling to keep pace with the issues, and London and the North West are bearing the brunt of the bad roads.

Bath Road in London had 828 complaints registered against it last year, making it the most complained about road in England. Second on the list was Surrey’s Seven Hills Road, whilst the iconic Oxford Street may be home to some of London’s biggest shopping stores, but the state of its roads has led to 530 complaints about the quality of its surface.

The Government has promised a fund of more than £28billion to tackle the country’s broken roads, but according to CarParts4Less there is still plenty of work to be done.

“It’s always valuable to us to look at the country’s worst and most expensive roads, so we’re able to pass this insight onto our customers,” said a spokesman.

"Despite the North West coming in at the top for the last two years, it’s interesting to see London has taken the lead – and even more so knowing that the area in question isn’t funded by the government, but a privately funded maintenance company.

"Although this research won’t fix the offending roads for drivers, it should help build drivers’ awareness of the worst roads and which ones to avoid to protect their car from damage."