What Is UK’s Most Popular Car Brand?

Tue 7th Jun 2022

One car brand has dominated the UK market in recent years, and though it remains the country’s No.1 choice, a new report tells us that its popularity is on the wane.

Ford Motor Group have been the main choice of motor consumers for decades, their popularity flowing through the Cortina, Escort, Sierra, Mondeo, Fiesta and more recently the Focus and Puma.

Analysis from Confused.com which looked at the Government registration data from 2009 to 2020 found that Ford remain on top of the list, but their market share has fallen significantly and may soon be overtaken by another challenger.

Last year Ford had a market share of 9.28%, which means almost one in ten cars sold was a Ford, however that has fallen from its 2009 height, which saw one in six cars sold being from the American brand.

A wider choice of other brands has contributed to Ford’s slump, and the strength of German brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes and Audi have all had an impact. In fact, some industry analysts are predicting that with a 9.03% market share, Volkswagen could soon be the most popular brand in Britain.

It may worry some that American, Japanese and German brands are dominating the UK market, however, there is one small consolation, the Vauxhall Corsa, which to some traditionalists remains a British name, is still the most popular individual model. The small car, popular with first time drivers beats the Golf, Fiesta, Puma and Yaris to that crown.

And according to Alex Kindredat Confused, the choice of car brand can make a difference when it comes to insurance premiums. 

“When it comes to getting a quote for car insurance, the type of car you drive is a key consideration for insurers, especially the cost of repairs,” he said.

“Typically, cars made by manufacturers with a higher production rate could be cheaper to insure. This is because parts are much easier to obtain, and therefore makes the overall repair process cheaper.

“If you’re looking to buy a new car, always research how much it would cost to insure, as you might find that your dream car could cost you significantly more to run.”