What Side Of The Road Do They Drive On In France?

Tue 23rd Jul 2019

It may seem like a crazy question, or maybe not, as a new survey reveals that many UK drivers don’t know the laws for driving abroad.

The survey from Insurance provider By Miles reveals that 62% of UK drivers think that they should drive on the left if they are in France or Spain.

As well as the main laws, there are some more local laws which UK drivers could fall foul of, and it is always advisable if travelling to Europe this summer to check the rules of the road for the country you intend to drive in.

James Blackham, co-founder of By Miles, said: "Holidaymakers planning on driving to Europe this summer must take the time to swot up on local driving laws or risk facing fines.

"Little-known rules can often catch drivers out. For example, in France you must carry a breathalyser with you at all times, and in Spain if caught driving without a top on you can be fined €200!

"However, every road-tripper can protect themselves by following a few simple steps before setting off. Don’t presume your insurer automatically gives you the same full cover you have at home when you’re driving in Europe. Give them a ring to make sure you have the same level of cover – some drop to third party cover only once outside the UK.

"While you’re on the phone, check your annual mileage cap too. While Europe doesn’t seem all that far away, an unusually long road trip means some risk clocking up too many miles on the journey and invalidating their insurance policies as a result.

"Holiday-goers worried about falling foul of this rule would benefit from updating the estimated annual mileage on their policy, or better yet, exploring policies that don’t make you declare your annual mileage upfront."