What Were 2021’s Top Selling Cars Around The World?

Wed 26th Jan 2022

Ford were unceremoniously knocked off top spot in the UK last year, but how does the global giant perform in other territories across the world?

New data collated by Jato and Motor1 website has revealed which were the most popular car brands in some of the planet’s biggest car markets, a revealing insight into the car buying trends of different cultures.

Unsurprisingly, Ford were out top in the North American market, with trucks overall ruling the roost, the Ford F-Series proving to be the most popular model, though that does incorporate four separate models, none of which can be bought in the UK. The same can be said for second and third on the podium, the Ram Pickup and the Chevrolet Silverado. Ford sold an impressive 726,004 of their F-Series in the United States, more than the total automotive sales figures than Turkey overall!

The Motor1 report said: The Ford F-Series continued to dominate the market in the United States with 726,004 units sold in 2021 (the total includes the F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-450 models). Nearly five out of every 100 light vehicles sold in the US in 2021 were a Ford F-Series. The second and third place winners were the Ram family of pickups and the Chevrolet Silverado, respectively. Their combined market share was 11.9 percent in 2021, the fourth largest since 1980. The Ford F-Series was also the best-selling vehicle in Canada with 111,332 units.”

But while trucks are once again popular in South America, Ford don’t play any major role in sales, with Fiat taking two of the top two spots on the podium. Hyundai also sneak onto the podium with their HB20.

In Europe and Germany in particular VW are untouchable in 2021, with the Golf, T-Roc ad Tiguan dominating, and for all the jokes it might not surprise you that in Russia, Lada are still the kings with the Vesta, Grant each selling more than 100,000 units.