What’s Making Blue Badge Holders Feel Blue?

Sun 25th Oct 2020

A survey of more than 2,000 UK adults has found an alarming increase in Blue Badge holders having issues finding car parking spots due to inconsiderate drivers.

Research from Churchill Motor Insurance has found that 77 per cent of Blue Badge holders were unable to leave their car in a designated bay as it was occupied by a driver who wasn’t obliged to park there.

The same research looked at other problem areas of parking including the highly divisive issue of parent and child bays in supermarkets. According to the research, 64 per cent of those surveyed said they had been prevented from parking by other drivers who do not have kids.

The range of reasons that drivers are prepared to give for parking in these restricted areas is varied. There are 23 per cent of people who think it is perfectly acceptable to park in a Blue Badge bay, even if they don’t have the right, while 20 per cent of drivers would park in a restricted bay if it was during unsociable hours. One third of drivers believe it is acceptable to park in a parent and child bay, even if they don’t have a child with them.

Jane Morgan, Marketing Manager for Churchill car insurance, commented: "We would urge motorists to think about the consequences of their actions if they choose to park in a space they don’t need. The last thing families with young children or people with disabilities need when visiting locations is to worry if they will be able to park."