What’s Next For The Lexus NX?

Tue 13th Sep 2022

Japanese car brand Lexus has only made recent strides in the electric car sector, but their debut effort, the NX 450h+ has certainly been a stunning success.

After being named Plugin-Hybrid Vehicle of the Year in January, the all-new NX has now received the What Car? Ultimate Driving Machine award. These recognitions recognise the NX's overall strengths in one of the most heavily contested segments of the high-end automobile market.

The judges said: “While this may be Lexus’s first plug-in hybrid, it is so good that it appears as if the brand has been producing them for years.”

They lauded the vehicle's all-electric driving range, which helps deliver lower operating costs, as well as its 'impressive smoothness' and 'plenty of power' when the petrol engine is activated.

When the battery on a Lexus plug-in hybrid is drained, the vehicle automatically shifts to hybrid self-charging performance, which is highly efficient. Competitor models, by contrast, default to the internal combustion engine.

The judges praised the car’s “relaxing ride and confident handling” as well as its braking, which was free from the “grabbing” feel that affects many other plug-in hybrid vehicles. According to them, the NX is an excellent all-rounder, with a classy interior and some of the most comfortable seats.

The NX line of vehicles opened a new chapter for the Lexus brand, introducing new design, new powertrains, and enhanced performance. The NX 450h+ is the highest-performance model in the range, with a 305bhp/227kW hybrid powertrain that gives a 0-62mph acceleration time of 6.3 seconds. It has a combined fuel economy of 256.8 to 313.8mpg, 21 to 25g/km CO2 emissions, and a 21- to 25-mile electric range. The Lexus is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery and is economical in all phases. It also includes Lexus E-Four all-wheel drive as a standard feature.