When Was The Last Time You Had A ‘Cargument’?

Thu 25th Mar 2021

The stress of driving on British roads has led to millions of domestic disputes over the years, swiftly followed by an agonising and uncomfortable silence before you reach your destination.

And new research from Nissan has found the top five triggers for arguments while driving, with the Japanese company believing they have found the solution to stress-free driving.

Use of a mobile phone while driving is the source of most arguments according to the research, with 45 per cent saying that texting can cause blood to boil over. Dangerous overtaking, last-minute braking, unnecessarily braking and tailgating are all top causes of road-rage within the car.

Nissan believe they have found the solution and have produced their own Stress-Free Driving Guide.

  1. Hands-free for stress-free!

Did you know… New research from Nissan has found that using the phone whilst driving is European drivers’ number one WORST driving habit. As well as being dangerous, it can also cause in-car arguments with passengers who feel unsafe!

  1. Good music the key to joyful driving

Did you know… 55% of Europeans believe good music is the most important ingredient for an enjoyable car journey! Have a great journey by ensuring everyone has time to shine as a DJ and taking it in turns to select songs. Agree on a playlist with your passengers before you depart.

  1. Smooth sailing

Did you know… 46% of European drivers single out tailgating as one of the most irritating driving habits behind the wheel? Keep any sudden surprises at bay by giving yourself at least two seconds’ following distance to the vehicle in front (remember, this is a bigger gap the faster you are driving!).

  1. Enjoy a break

Did you know… Nearly one in five European drivers admit to battling through tiredness and not stopping regularly on long journeys. We all feel drained during a long car journey, so take the time to pull over and have a rest; whether it’s a nap or a coffee, it’ll keep you alert and everyone on-board safe and sound.

  1. Spot the car!

Did you know… 56% of European car passengers admit that dangerous and misjudged overtakes make them feel most uneasy in the car. When going for the overtake, always take a good look around to make sure the next lane is clear and there’s nothing coming up quickly behind you.

“As we all look to reconnect with the enjoyment of driving again, it’s crucial to understand that the secret to a harmonious car journey can often be found in the car itself,” said Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO. “This new research confirms Nissan’s belief that the strategy of equipping their vehicle with intuitive technology helps to reduce the stress and maximise the convenience on every journey.”

“Nissan is committed to helping drivers and passengers alike feel safe, comfortable and happy on the road. Offering advanced driving assistance features, seamless connectivity and a premium-feel interior, the Nissan JUKE makes the driving experience both entertaining and relaxing for everyone on-board.”