Where Are Britain’s Angriest Drivers?

Thu 26th May 2022

Unless you are the most zen motorists in the world, it is likely that we have all succumbed to road rage at some point in our driving lives, or maybe experienced others raging at you, and now new research tells which parts of the UK has the angriest drivers.

Analysis from IAM Roadsmart looked at which areas across the nation have the most self-confessed road ragers, and it seems Londoners are way out ahead for seeing the red mist behind the wheel of their car.

The survey found that 58 per cent of Londoners find themselves getting angry at other drivers when they make mistakes, which when we do the maths could equate to some 1.4 million drivers getting road rage.

Londoners have an abundance of reasons to get crazy mad on the roads, they do after all have to pay for the privilege of driving their car in the capital, but which area of the UK has the most relaxed drivers? Well that title goes to motorists in Scotland, who with just 32 per cent saying they had experienced road rage, is the least angry area, closely followed by the North West (33%) and North East (36%).

“In the UK we have some of the busiest and most congested roads in Europe, perhaps making feelings of anger much more likely, and our research shows that this can be clearly observed in some regions more than others,” said Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart.

“Having said this, our research demonstrates that far too many motorists are putting the safety of themselves, as well as other road users at risk by succumbing to road rage, with Londoners in particular struggling to keep their cool on our capital’s busy streets.”

While road rage seemingly a geographical problem, the further south you get, the angrier the driver, but Greig says that dealing with the problem comes from within.

He said: “While feeling angry may be a totally natural response to another road user acting recklessly or dangerously, everyone is responsible for maintaining their composure in such instances so that the situation isn’t made any worse. So, for the benefit of yourself and others, take a mindfulness moment, keep calm and motor on!”