Where In The UK Is The Easiest Place To Pass Your Test?

Tue 18th Jun 2019

Drivers in Scotland have the highest pass rates in the UK, with almost three out of four drivers passing their test over the last 10 year in one town.

The new research from motor insurance company Marmalade has found that of the top ten UK test centres, based on high pass rates over the last ten years, seven of them were in Scotland. The best place to pass your test appears to be Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute, which has an average pass rate of 73.68% and for those taking a test in May a pass rate of 90%.

Malton in North Yorkshire takes the English crown, 64.17% of drivers passing, whilst Llandrindod Wells, Powys is Wales number one centre.

Driving Test Centre?

Pass rate

Luckiest Month

1.Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute


May 90% pass rate

2.Rothesay, Argyll and Bute


January 100% pass rate

3.Pitlochry, Perthshire


November -  85.71% pass rate

4.Llandrindod Wells, Powys?  ?


January - 74.37% pass rate

5.Ballater, Aberdeenshire?


November - 73.53% pass rate

6.Lerwick, Shetland?


December - 71.5% pass rate

7.Lochgilphead, Argyll and Bute?


April - 72.31% pass rate

8.Malton, North Yorkshire?


January - 67.49% pass rate

9.Orkney, Orkney?


January - 66.83% pass rate

10.Kendal, Cumbria?


July - 65.09% pass rate


Observant readers will notice that the above list includes some of the more remote areas of the UK, and it is thought that low levels of traffic, and fewer distractions allow for a smoother driving test.

At the other end of the scale it is maybe not surprising to find that some of the country’s bigger urban areas have the lowest pass rates, with Belvedere in Kent scoring the lowest with a 31.20% pass rate over the past 10 years. London and West Yorkshire perform particularly badly on the research.

Marmalade have created an online tool which tells you the average pass rate for your centre, though whether that can help you pass your test is unlikely.

Crispin Moger, CEO at Marmalade, said: “We know that driving tests can bring about nerves.

“In fact, more than 50 per cent of young motorists are equally or more anxious about facing their driving test than their academic exams. 

“We wanted to provide a handy tool to help young learner drivers, and their parents, find out more about their chosen test centre and its pass rates.

“Ultimately aiming to give them a little piece of mind when it comes to booking a test, and show them how many motorists pass at this centre, in the month of their test.”