Where Is The UK’s Car Crime Hotspot?

Thu 20th Dec 2018

If you want to keep your car safe from crime or accidents then a new survey has revealed the safest and most dangerous places to own a car.

A new survey from insurance comparison company Quotezone.co.uk used national data to analyse the accident and vehicle offence rates across the UK and created a comprehensive map  pinpointing the hotspots for crime and accidents.

The safest place to own or drive a car according to the research is North Wales, with an overall Car Danger Rating of just 7.29 per 1,000 people. The Car Danger Rating is made up of a combination of the Road Accident Rate and Vehicle Offences Rate.

Wales features high on the safest place for driving with Gwent (3.27) and South Wales (3.75) and is joined by Cleveland (3.62) in the North East of England as the safest places to drive.

The principality is also a great place to keep your car free from crime, with just 1.74 crimes per 1,000 in Dyfed-Powys, Northern Ireland is second on the list of Vehicle Offences Rate, but has a higher Car Danger Rate due to it being second only to London for Road Accident rate.

The City of London scores poorly across the board for both driving safety and car crime, and though the figures are skewed slightly by the sheer volume of population in the nation’s capital. However, a figure which suggests that London’s roads are eight times more likely to see an accident than anywhere else in the UK is shocking. Car crime in London is second only to Scotland, with the Police Scotland encountering some of the safest roads, but have a rate of 24.38 per 1,000 for Vehicle Offences Rate.

“Our research into accident and vehicle offences in the UK is shocking to say the least,” said Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk. “We found that Birmingham is a hotspot for vehicle crimes with the city reporting 100 vehicle crimes in July 2018 alone, and 11% of these incidents were near a children’s hospital.

“Car theft rates are also particularly high at Manchester Airport, where the vehicles are left unattended for long periods of time, with 74 incidents in July.

“This just goes to show how vital it is to safeguard your vehicle and have the right level of insurance in place to save any potential heartache and financial strain in the future.”