Which Part Of The UK Is Set For 20mph In Residential Areas?

Tue 7th May 2019

Government ministers in Wales are pressing ahead with plans to make all residential areas 20mph zones after spending millions of pounds on smaller areas.

The Wales First Minister, Mark Drakeford admitted in a candid answer during First Minister’s Questions that he was all for making 20mph the default speed limit.

Conservative minister David Melding had asked what the Government’s view on the use of 20mph zones was, and Drakeford gave the honest answer: "The Welsh Government believe that 20mph should be the default speed limit for residential areas.

"Local authorities have to have discretion to retain 30mph zones on key arterial routes, but outside that, and in residential areas, we know that 20mph zones reduce speed of traffic, reduce accidents - particularly accidents to children, and we want to see that become the default position right across Wales."

Labour’s John Griffiths backed up the First Minister’s thoughts admitting that the Principality will feel a safer place for all with a reduction in the speed limits.
"Older people will feel happier if they're able to walk along the streets with 20mph limits in place and parents will feel much happier in enabling their young people to play outside," he said.

"It will enable active travel - walking and cycling - to a greater extent, so it has very, very many benefits, and I'm pleased that they're now strongly recognised by Welsh Government."

The Welsh Assembly has had the power to set its own speed limits since 2018.