Which Profession Pays The Most For Car Insurance?

Thu 5th Nov 2020

It’s a fact of life that entering certain job titles to your car insurance application can add hundreds of pounds to your premium, but what are the roles that are the most expensive?

According to research from Vanarama there can be an almost £200 difference in insurance costs depending on your career choice, with some jobs unfairly penalised.

It goes without saying that someone who has a driving role will pay more for their motor insurance, simply because they are more likely to be out on the road more often and at the other end of the insurance cost scale, the mechanic is more likely to look after his car.

However the latest research is particularly harsh on one particular sector, with those working in the hospitality sector punished with higher premiums. Chefs and bar staff both feature in the top five, as do hairdressers and fitness instructors, roles which have all been hit hard by the pandemic lockdown.

A Vanarama spokesperson said: “At a time when the UK and the rest of the world are dealing with an unprecedented economic situation, workers in the hospitality industry are some who have been hit the hardest. This is due to many of the country's hotels, pubs and restaurants closing for the foreseeable future. Insurers are compounding the situation, unfairly in our opinion, by charging bar staff and chefs a premium on their car insurance when compared to other professions.”

The same research also found that women now pay more for car insurance on average than men.