Who Is The Best Breakdown Recovery Provider?

Tue 26th Nov 2019

A major new survey by WhatCar? has revealed the No.1 breakdown recovery company in Britain, with the results focusing on customer satisfaction.

The consumer group polled the opinion of more than 2,300 drivers, all of whom have had to call on the services of breakdown assistance in the past 12 months and WhatCar? named the AA as the best provider.

The results were revealed as part of WhatCar?’s 2019 Reliability Survey, a wider poll which looks at a range of issues on the cars people drive. But there was an element on emergency assistance and the AA came out on top of ratings based on the time it took assistance to arrive, how the problem was resolved and value for money.

The AA was one of the most expensive options available, with the cheapest national coverage price of £115, but they also had the highest percentage of recoveries in less than 30 minutes.

Emergency Assist were the worst performers on time, with 30% of those polled saying that it took more than two hours to get assistance, and an average waiting time of 1.3 hours.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “AA patrols go above and beyond for our members and this survey shows that their care, compassion and expertise has placed us top of the league once more.

“They deliver an outstanding service for around 10,000 drivers a day; fix eight out of 10 cars at the roadside and get to more breakdowns than any other provider within half an hour.

“We continue to invest in innovation which will enhance our service; including unique equipment, leading App that tracks patrols, specialised patrol training, as well as, new technological advances for our members.”