Who Passes First? Men Or Women?

Sat 30th Apr 2022

The question over whether men or women are better drivers will continue for eternity, and with no hard evidence either way it would be hard to prove.

There are statistics published recently by the DVLA however which give us a fair indication of which of the two sexes start out their driving life as better, or shall we say, more confident drivers.

The analysis, which has been released by the DVSA, shows that women are most likely to fail their test first time. So while 52.7 per cent of women fail their practical test first time, the men are statistically more likely to pass, with a 51.7 first time pass rate.

The data may be a little discouraging for women, but the first time pass rates have actually improved from five years ago when similar information was published. Back in 2017, women had a 43 per cent first time pass rate, compared to men at 50 per cent.

“Whether it’s sheer competitive drive, testosterone or luck, boys are more likely to pass their driving test first time than girls,” said Francesca Pipistrelli from the Foxy Lady Drivers Club.

“Nerves appear to affect women more and when nerves come into the equation, mistakes happen.

“But statistics point to females as safer motorists.

"As we all know, up until recently young men were paying more for their insurance.

"Whether men are better drivers than women is a debate which is sure to rumble on for years to come.”