Who Will Be Your Designated Driver This Christmas?

Mon 16th Dec 2019

With the festive party season in full swing the difficult decision of who is going to be doing the driving is up for debate.

A new survey from Euro Car Parts has addressed the issue of who takes the strain and decides not to enjoy alcoholic beverages and revealed that a fifth of those polled believe they will argue about who is the designated driver. Some of the arguments are decided by the smart choice of leaving the car at home and getting alternative transport, with a quarter of those surveyed making that choice.

For those who do drive, 41 per cent say that they will take the driving in turns between family members, though 31 per cent of men believe they will get named the designed driver simply because they are the most confident driver in the family.

“For many people across the UK, Christmas can involve a lot of time on the roads travelling around to see family members,” said Chris Barella of Euro Car Parts.

“It’s important that safety always remains a concern and the best way of ensuring this is to decide on a designated driver from the outset.

“We know how frustrating it can be for some people to lose out on the chance to enjoy a festive drink, so that’s why we want the British public to put forward their designated drivers this Christmas and reward those who take up the important role.”

The issue of designated driver is a concern simply because we are more likely to consume alcohol over the Christmas holiday, 42 per cent expecting to drink three units of alcohol on Christmas Eve, and on Christmas Day that goes up to 48 per cent drinking six units.