Why 14 Major Global Corporations Control More Than 60 Auto Brands Around The World

Tue 27th Feb 2018

The bulk of the world’s automotive industry is condensed into just 14 separate motoring conglomerates, which suggests that while you may think you have a diverse choice of options, you are actually quite limited.

This graphic created by Business Insider UK reveals the extent of the concentration of automotive brands and shows exactly how even the high-end models are linked to tiny economy cars.

Though not every car brand is featured on the graphic, it does illustrate the extent that a small band of brands controls such a large extent of the car buying market and has incredible influence over our motoring choices.

Even with this impressive list, there are still some recognisable names missing from the list, simply because they don’t belong to a conglomerate. So well done to those of you driving a McLaren, Mazda, Subaru or a Tesla, you can at least claim a little independence from the big players.

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