Why Are Britain’s Van Drivers Stressed Out?

Mon 11th Feb 2019

They drive around the nation’s road network for a living, so understanding the typical British van driver is a good barometer for the general state of the motoring nation.

That’s why Mercedes-Benz Vans Business Barometer is a trusted indicator of the good and the bad of the country’s roads and after seeking the the opinion of more than 2,000 van drivers, the barometer is telling us that 90% of drivers feel there is a parking problem for vans.

The survey found that 56% of van drivers believe that the available parking spaces are too small even for cars, whilst inflexible parking bays (27%), no spots near client drop off (46%) and increasing ‘permit holder only’ areas (30%) are making a van drivers job additionally stressful.

As well poor parking options, drivers are also at the front-end of the battle with bad road conditions, with almost one-third saying that roads are in a poor condition.

“The nation’s poorly maintained roads and parking spaces are having a definite negative impact on van driver mental health,” said Steve Bridge, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Vans UK.

“These are basic requirements to fulfil their tasks – to park up safely, use their time effectively, and not risk damaging their vehicles, or themselves, just to get to and from their next job – and yet these just aren’t happening.

“It is very sad to learn that the state of our roads is having such an impact on the state of our hard-working van drivers.”

All of the problems add to a stressed out van-driver population, with 37% saying that they regularly experience stress while at work.