Why Are Dodgy Car Seats Costing The British Economy Billions?

Mon 14th Oct 2019

New research conducted by a major motoring manufacturer has revealed the true cost of poor quality seats in cars, with the problem leading to millions of drivers taking time off work.

According to the research published by Volvo Car UK, more than a third of UK drivers have had to take at least a day off work due to back pain, absences which cost the economy £8.8 billion in lost productivity.

At its worst, one in ten drivers have admitted to have taken a week or more off work due to back pain and while the issue is costing workplaces, it also placing a huge strain on the NHS, with £191.94 million in doctors appointments and hospital visits caused by poor car seats.

The problem is increased due to the finding that of the 32.4 million people employed in the UK, 68% use their car to drive to work.

Volvo claims to have been at the forefront of car seat design, with spinal research attributed to the seat design in the Volvo Amazon launched in 1965.

Speaking about the issue, Volvo’s UK Managing Director, Kristian Elvefors said: "Back pain from poor-quality car seats is a bigger problem than many think. Not only is it costing the UK economy billions in lost productivity as employees take sick leave, but poor-quality car seats are also placing an unnecessary burden on the NHS, costing hospitals and GP surgeries hundreds of millions a year. Volvo is committed to ensuring that all of its customers, regardless of shape or size, find the seats in their car incredibly comfortable and pain-free."

Volvo’s research comes off the back of the UK’s Backcare Awareness Week, which highlights that back pain is said to have affected up to 80% of the population.