Why Are Plumbers Most Likely To Be Caught Drink Driving?

Thu 21st Nov 2019

A new study of drink driving convictions has analysed six million car insurance quotes to find out which professions are most likely to be caught drunk behind the wheel.

It’s not good news for plumbers, with shocking figures showing that one in ten members of that trade have drink driving conviction on their record. Builders, ground workers, labourers and roofers make up the top five, which may make some wonder exactly how well their houses are being built. In fact tradespeople dominate the top ten, with no professional service professions on the list. It’s thought that tradespeople having an earlier start to their working day may be the cause of such damning stats.

Unsurprisingly, police officers are the least likely of any profession to get caught drink driving with just 0.031 per cent convicted. With the Christmas party season on the horizon it is worth remembering that all professions have to pay close attention to the drink drive laws as no actual individual is less prone to the affects of alcohol than another.

Emma Garland, data scientist at MoneySuperMarket, said: “With Christmas parties and festivities coming up, there is more chance of people getting behind the wheel under the influence as they may not realise how much alcohol they’ve had.

“Driving the next morning while unknowingly still over the limit is also a key factor, especially for those who may have particularly early starting times, such as labourers and plumbers.

“However, it’s reassuring to see that convictions have decreased since last year and hopefully they will continue to do so year on year.

“Drink or drug driving can be damaging not only to your licence, but also to yourself and others – so if you are doubting your sobriety, don’t put yourself or others at risk by driving, even if it seems like an inconvenience at the time.”