Why More Than 50 Per Cent Of Drivers Feel They Can Escape Punishment For Careless Driving

Mon 5th Feb 2018

Less police on the road has made drivers feel they can break the law behind the wheel, according to a new poll by the AA.

Almost 20,000 motorists were questioned in the poll and 65 per cent said that a lower police presence meant that they were less likely to get caught for careless driving.

The same survey found that around half of the respondents thought that they could get away with driving a vehicle in a dangerous or defective condition, 54 per cent thought they were unlikely to get caught using a mobile phone at the wheel.

Recent figures revealed by the Press Association in 2017 found that the number of traffic officers fell by a third in the decade between 2007 to 2017 with the figure dropping from 3766 to 2643.

“It is worrying that drivers feel that a lack of police officers on the roads, means they think they can get away with careless driving and other serious motoring offences,” said Edmund King, president of the AA.

“What is clear is that camera enforcement is seen as an actual deterrent, but Big Brother can only do so much; we need more cops in cars.

“With a significant drop in specialist traffic officers, it may prove to be difficult to ensure safety to everyone on our roads.”