Why The MINI Is About To Get Smaller

Thu 26th Sep 2019

The head of classic car brand MINI has revealed that he hopes to see a smaller version of the car appearing very soon.

Speaking to autoexpress.co.uk, Bernd Koerber has said that the next generation of MINIS will be all-electric and smaller if he gets his way.

MINI will begin producing an all-electric MINI at their Oxford plant on the 1st of November and Koerber, who only started at the company in April, has suggested that battery power in modern vehicles can allow for much more innovation in terms of interior space and make for smaller vehicles.

“I would love to see MINI move back to the essence of clever use of space,” Koerber said at this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. “That means the outer proportions on the core MINI Hatch could be reduced. I can see that happening.
“The benefit of electrification is that you don’t have to compromise on function. If you fit the battery wisely, you can go smaller but still offer functionality.
“We are in the process at the moment of looking into how we can make something that fits specifically the requirements of the small car segment. We have to see in the next few months what engineering and design can come up with as a solution.”

While the next generation of MINI is anticipated within three years, Koerber is hopeful that even though the BMW group car would need an entirely new technical platform if it was to be made even more mini.

“In the next five to 10 years, power of choice will swing from combustion engine to electric. I would say MINI is one of the brands that will go faster and with higher priorities into electromobility,” said Koerber.

“But you will see for several more years a parallel offering of combustion engines and electric drivetrains, as well as PHEV on the Countryman.”

Industry experts are suggesting that a smaller MINI would likely be the size of the original first generation MINI, rather than a copy of the Alec Issigonis design.