Why Tunnel Plans For Major UK Landmark Are An ‘International Scandal’

Thu 8th Feb 2018

Plans to build a four-lane duel carriageway in a tunnel close to Stonehenge have been met with a mixed reaction from heritage campaigners.

The £1.6bn scheme has been amended from original plans in order to allay fears over damage to burial mounds and the prospect of blocking views of the setting sun at winter solstice. But even those changes have been met with anger and fury from ‘The Stonehenge Alliance’ have called the plan an ‘international scandal’.

“However well-designed, the devastating impact of this road engineering would destroy archaeology and deeply scar this iconic landscape and its setting forever,” the archaeological and environmental campaigning group said.

There were similar sentiments from Friends of the Earth, whose spokesman Sion Elis Williams said: “Instead of building another road that increases traffic, money for the road scheme could be invested in a region that is crying out for significant investment in its bus and rail network to increase accessibility, improve air quality and boost sustainable tourism.”

Though the plans are designed to take traffic away from the Stonehenge site, the organisations supporting the scheme are still worried that a proposed link road to the A303 will still take traffic close to the historic stones.

“The primary purpose of the scheme is to remove the A303 from the centre of the landscape,” Historic England’s Ian Morrison said in The Guardian.

 “There is a danger you will continue to have motorised vehicles travelling through the landscape.”