Why You May Never Have To Visit A Petrol Station Ever Again

Mon 5th Feb 2018

Fed up of the weekly trip to the petrol station to fill up your motor? Well drivers in London might never have to make that trip again after an on-demand fuel start-up promised to bring diesel and petrol to your vehicle using their specially-equipped vans.

Zebra Fuel are soon to be operating in the UK capital and claim to offer cheaper fuel prices than some of the fuel stations. With deliveries to your door, or wherever your car is parked, starting at just £2.99, it’s a concept which could shake-up the motor industry.

The prospect of ordering fuel for your car via an app is a business model which has seen great success in the US in recent years, companies such as WeFuel, Filld and FuelMe have disrupted the market and the Zebra Fuel team seem keen to change the market in the UK.

With the process of ordering fuel very similar to that of ordering a takeaway online, currently Zebra Fuel only offers diesel as an option but sources its fuel from the same suppliers as traditional petrol stations and with both petrol and electric due to arrive in the near future, it claims that it will stay competitive by not having to pay rental rates on expensive station forecourts.

'We’re like a Formula 1 pit stop for your car, van, truck or coach,' Bennis said at dailymail.co.uk

'We can also do fuel deliveries through the night, so customers can wake up to a full car outside their house or a depot of fully-fuelled vehicles and not have to waste their own precious time.

'Ultimately, our goal is to replace the petrol station and in doing so make filling up your car faster, cheaper, less harmful to the environment, and hassle-free.'

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