Why Your UK Driving May No Longer Be Valid On The Continent

Sun 25th Feb 2018

The UK’s transport links with the European mainland have never been more accessible, whether through cross-channel ferries, or the Eurotunnel rail option, we are getting our motors abroad like never before. But if Euro bureaucrats get their way then we might have those freedoms cut short.

Reports in this week’s media suggest that one of the significant impacts of the impending Brexit is that the UK driving licence may no longer be valid on the continent.

According to a Government spokesman speaking to mirror.co.uk, if Brexit negotiators don’t strike a deal then the recognition of driving licences will be withdrawn as a “consequence of the UK becoming a third country in the road transport sector.”

The European Commission also stated that “all current EU law-based rights, obligations and benefits” would cease.

This would mean the “end of mutual recognition of driving licences, vehicle registration documents and certificates of professional competence for drivers”, the Commission continued.

A solution may come if the UK sings up to the United Nations Vienna Convention on road traffic, but this would still mean British drivers having to sign-up for an International Driving Permit.

Despite these issues, the government spokesman for the Department for Transport was confident a route could be found.

“Our aim is to reach an agreement with the EU for mutual licence recognition after Brexit,” the spokesman told mirror.co.uk.

“Such a deal is in the interests of both sides and we remain confident of reaching such an agreement.

“However, it is only sensible that we put contingency measures in place for all scenarios.

"Ratifying the Vienna Convention will guarantee that UK driving licences will be acceptable throughout the EU when held with the relevant supporting International Driving Permit.”