Will Brexit Set New Car Prices Soaring?

Sat 3rd Oct 2020

A no-deal Brexit could see the cost of buying a new car rise by 10 per cent if World Trade Organisation tariffs are introduced and some manufacturers have already revealed how much the cost of their models will go up.

According to a report by consumer champion Which? some of the UK’s most popular cars will see significant rises, with Ford Fiesta would rise by more than £1,000 and the Volkswagen Golf will go up by £1,400.

Many car brands are expected to review their prices in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with Ford joined by Vauxhall, Mercedes and Peugeot in confirming additional costs. And while some car manufacturers will honour the price of the car before Brexit, that won’t be the case across the board, which means some car buyers could be hit with an additional supplement to pay in the event of a hard Brexit.

The Which? Report said: “If you’re buying your car ahead of the 31 December transition period deadline, your dealer should know whether it's available from stock or requires a factory order,' the charity said.

“If your car's not yet in the UK, make sure you explicitly ask whether it will physically be in the country ahead of the 31 December.

“After 31 December, if there's a no-deal Brexit, prepare yourself for a delay before you can get your hands on your shiny new car. Should border controls change, vehicles being imported from abroad could suffer delivery delays.

“Manufacturers will have contingency measures to mitigate this impact, but not everything can be planned for.”

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