Will Lockdown Mean A Dirty Car?

Mon 2nd Nov 2020

With England set to go into lockdown from Thursday many drivers are asking how the restrictions will affect their motoring rituals, with even the prospect of a car wash under threat.

With strict travel restrictions in place, and only essential journeys to work or the supermarket allowed, some are asking if they will be able to clean their car at the petrol station and how much it might cost to fill up your car when you get there?

Speaking in the Daily Mail, Brian Madderson, chairman of the Car Wash Association was disappointed to reveal that a car wash was not an essential service.

“It is deeply concerning that the Government guidance regarding the impending lockdown is proposing a blanket closure order for all car washes. We strongly refute the idea that they are not an essential service. Car washes are important for vehicle repair and maintenance,”

“They ensure vehicles are safer to operate as visibility is fully maintained through clear windows, while also making sure that make and model identifiers, in addition to number plates, can be recognised for crime enforcement such as speeding offences and RTA's. 

“Furthermore, clean lighting system on vehicles allows them continues to function correctly and be seen on the road network; a fact that is vitally important to road safety, particularly in large parts of the country that rely on the rural road network with limited lighting.”