Will MPs Enforce Nationwide Ban On Pavement Parking?

Mon 9th Sep 2019

A Department for Transport review into pavement parking could lead to a nationwide ban to aid those with mobility or visual impairments.

The Commons’ Transport Committee has been looking into the issue, with many MPs suggesting that the government has been slow to act on the problem. Pavement parking is already against the law in Scotland and is under review with a task for set up to look at the issue in Wales.

The Committee’s report said that pavement parking can sometimes make people feel like a prisoner in their own home, saying: "Pavement parking can have a considerable impact on people's lives and their ability to safely leave their homes.

"People are at risk of social isolation if they feel unable to leave their homes safely or are physically prevented from doing so.

"While pavement parking can be a necessity in some areas, it should not be allowed to happen where it has a significant adverse impact on people's lives."

The report suggests that the public should be made more aware of the impact of parking on the pavement, as well as improvements to traffic regulation, with pavement parking made a civil offence.

A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: "We are committed to ensuring that our roads work for everyone, but are aware that pavement parking can cause real problems for a variety of road users.

"This is why the department recently concluded a review to better understand the case for changing the law, and will be announcing our next steps over the coming months."