Will You Be Bowled Over By Old/New Defender?

Wed 4th Nov 2020

One of the iconic classics of British motoring is to get a return to the roads after Land Rover revealed they have agreed to create a limited run of Defender 110 models.

JLR announced this week that they will work in partnership with specialist off-road company Bowler to produce a 5.0 litre V8 petrol engine version of the Defender, in a project code-named CSP 575. Bowler were bought by JLR in 2019, so essentially, development of the old-look Defender 110 will be under the guidance of Land Rover.

The project comes only a matter of months after JLR lost a landmark court battle with Ineos Automotive, a UK company which had created their own tribute to the Defender called the Grenadier, a vehicle which shares many characteristics of its muse. However a London court ruled that the Defender’s shape wasn’t distinctive enough to warrant a trademark and Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s company will build a simpler version of the Defender, unlike the souped-up Bowler marque, which is expected to arrive on the forecourts priced at around £200,000.

Calum McKechnie, general manager at Bowler Motors, said: “The Bowler name has stood for innovation for 35 years. 

“The licence agreement to produce vehicles with the classic Defender shape gives us a unique opportunity. 

“We're excited to combine our motorsport experience with the expertise available from Special Vehicle Operations to produce a thrilling competition-inspired Defender 110 Station Wagon for the road.”