Winter Weather Tips For Drivers

Tue 30th Nov 2021

The roads were extremely treacherous last weekend as an icy blast of winter weather took many by surprise. And as we enter December drivers have been advised as to what they can do to avoid falling foul of the colder conditions.

While winter arrives every year without fail, many UK drivers seem genuinely surprised and put out to find that their windscreen is frozen in the morning, with short-cut hacks seemingly the way forward to save time - but does it save money?

One of the UK’s leading insurance comparison companies, Quotezone has released a six point plan to avoid financial strife during the cold snap. 

Defrosting your car is the one which most drivers have to endure, but the advice is not to leave your car unattended with the engine running. Purely because is makes it a perfect opportunity for thieves to make away with your motor. Added to the fact that leaving your engine running is bad for the environment and is an offence under the Road Traffic Act.

Ice melts quicker with heat, that’s obvious to all those with the minimum GCSE in science, however, adding heat to a frozen windscreen is a risky maneuver as glass can crack with a sudden change in temperature.

You should certainly clear your windscreen completely before you set-off, otherwise you could see a £1,000 fine, the same goes for your numberplate, if it isn’t visible then the police wouldn’t take that lightly. 

Motorists are also advised to check their tyres, which may seem like a chore when the weather is baltic, but with icy and slippery roads is all the more important.

Winter weather very often brings floods, but be aware that many insurance policies don’t cover your vehicle if you drive through  flooded roads. Finally, however tempting, driving through large puddles can result in a £100 fine.

 “As winter approaches, it’s not just the fines that motorists should worry about, points on a driving licence are noted by insurers as a sign of how safe a driver is and what the risk of a claim might be when calculating premiums,” said Greg Wilson, founder of Quotezone.

“Three points on a licence can add 5% to premiums every year until the points are spent after four years. Six points pushes premiums up by as much as 25%, and let’s not forget No Claims Bonuses and what they might be worth if they’ve been built up over time and now have to be accrued again from scratch.

“Careful, considerate and patient drivers who plan for the winter weather and adjust their behaviour to meet the conditions give themselves the best chance of avoiding points and keeping their premiums low.”