Work From Home Or Work From Car?

Sun 7th Mar 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown has restricted our use of cars, but new research has revealed that Brits are still putting them to good use, with thousands of owners choosing to use their cars as a remote office.

The startling research from Peugeot UK has found the British driver is determined to get the most out of their vehicle, even whilst it is sat on the drive outside their home. The survey of 2,000 owners found that half admitted to using their car as a quiet place to relax away from the rest of the family, 47 per cent use their car to catch up on TV shows, 43 per cent go to their car to read books and a third have even resorted to using their car as a remote office.

The study shows that with many of us locked up in our homes for long periods, the need to get some time alone is more pressing than ever, and whilst we might not be able to disappear to our local pub, the car has become a home from home for many.

And with greener, energy efficient cars more and more an option, many households have admitted that if they owned an electric vehicle they would be more likely to go and find time to relax in their car, with 37 per cent revealing they would do this if they could turn the engine on and not emit fumes.

“Cars have always played a variety of roles in our lives, and the pandemic has shown how helpful they can be as quiet, comfortable places to relax, call friends or work remotely,” said Julie David, Managing Director, Peugeot UK.
Electric vehicles like the PEUGEOT e-2008 take this one step further, with their silent, zero-emissions powertrains making them a self-sufficient, climate-controlled sanctuary away from our often hectic homes – complete with built-in hands-free phone connectivity.”