World’s Fastest Production Hypercar Crashes Six Times In Testing

Wed 2nd Oct 2019

A Croation supercar has been put through some eye-watering crash testing which reveals how a supercar will cope with a 258mph impact.

The Rimac C_Two is described by its manufacturer as the world’s fastest production hypercar, and as well as a top speed of 258mph can reach 60mph in just 1.85 seconds.

With that much power available under the bonnet its important that the Eastern European company put the car through some rigorous testing before being unleashed onto the road network. Former Top Gear host Richard Hammond was almost killed when he crashed a Rimac Concept One filming The Grand Tour, being airlifted to hospital after being pulled from the burning wreckage.

There was no burning wreckage on display on the company’s web video, however the video does come with a warning that ‘Some car fans may find this content disturbing.’

Only 150 models of the C_Two have been produced, which makes the decision to smash six of them into a wall seem a little extreme, but the manufacturers are keen to see the hypercar be safe as well as super. 

Daniele Giachi, director of vehicle engineering at Rimac, said: “We wanted to build a car ahead of its time and this is a really big challenge from an engineering point of view, but it”s also rewarding.

“One of the main challenges is the global homologation from passive safety and this task is really huge.

“We want the car to be safe for the customer and road legal worldwide, but it is a task that is really big for a small volume manufacturer, especially when you do it for the first time starting from scratch.

“At the moment because the first round of crash tests were really good the results are paying off.”

The car comes with a whole host of smart extras including facial recognition and also a designer fire extinguisher in a nod to Richard Hammond’s driving skills.