World’s First Fingerprint Steering Lock Unveiled

Sat 29th Feb 2020

A new asset in the fight against car crime has been launched with the Fingerprint T-Bar Steering Lock now on sale.

By using biometric technology it is hoped that the steering lock will help tackle the spike in high-tech car crime, with keyless cars particularly under threat.

Priced at less than £60 and activated by placing your finger over a sensor, the additional security will ensure that drivers have no keys to lose and small enough to fit inside the glovebox it is sure to be a popular option.

Whilst the steering lock can only be activated by the fingerprint stored on the device, there is the option of adding up to 20 different prints at one time, ensuring friends and family can also access the vehicle if required.

The Fingerprint T-Bar Steering Lock is available to buy from Halfords, whose car crime expert, Pavan Sondhi said: “While the humble steering lock remains an extremely effective and visual deterrent to car thieves, we couldn't help but give the thumbs up to upgrading this classic security device. 

“By adding biometric technology to this old-school solution we are creating another barrier against the latest relay theft techniques and making it harder for thieves to get through that last line of defence.”
Halford’s research has found that while one third of 2,000 drivers have been a victim of car crime, close to 20 per cent had never used any security devices on their car.