Worrying Research Reveals Major Ignorance Of The MOT

Thu 26th Sep 2019

Almost half of British drivers believe that passing an MOT means that their car is safe to drive for the next 12 months, meaning many are shunning getting their car serviced.

Halfords Autocentres, who commissioned the research revealed that 47 per cent of car owners believe that if a car has passed an MOT then they don’t need to worry about getting their car checked for another year. The poll of 2,000 drivers also found that 42 per cent no longer get their car serviced, instead waiting on the MOT as their only annual check.

Andrew Edwards, MOT category manager at Halfords Autocentres said:  "It is only a certificate to say the car is safe to drive the moment it has been tested, so it is concerning that so many motorists treat it as a service.

"It is not a guarantee that the car is in good running order six months down the line, and it is vital that motorists carry out regular checks as well as an annual service.

"Good car maintenance is important for safety purposes as well as the car's performance."

Halfords Autocentres are expecting one of their busiest periods of the year for MOT, though worryingly, one in ten drivers don’t actually know when their MOT is due, meaning many drivers could be on the roads in unsafe cars and invalidating their insurance.

"When it comes to selling your car, prospective buyers may be put off if they see it has previously failed an MOT,” said Edwards.

"A car failing its MOT is a red mark on the car's history, but it can also reveal that people are driving around in a badly maintained car.

"We advise the public to carry out regular safety checks and an annual service on their car.”