Would You Pay A £100k Parking Fine?

Thu 26th May 2022

Motorists who are anxious about collecting parking tickets next time they leave their car in a restricted zone should spare a thought for one driver, who in the space of 14 months has amassed a massive fine of £117,000 in fines.

The unlucky car owner, whose Honda has collected a whopping 588 tickets in a period between December 2020 and March 2022, is being chased by Islington Council in North London for payment. It is thought to be one of the biggest fines ever for one single driver.

The analysis for data by the AA looked at some of the biggest culprits according to councils from across the UK, with a similar story for a Ford Transit van, believed to be a local labourer, who collected 400 tickets last year in the exclusive borough of Kensington and Chelsea - amazingly the fines were actually paid!

Outside of London and a BMW driver in Gateshead saw his car seized by bailiffs after failing to pay £32,926 for 701 fines over a three year period and in Birmingham a motorist collected £31,739 in tickets.

Jack Cousens, from the AA, said: “Clearly it is unacceptable behaviour and ultimately effects law-abiding motorists as councils look to hike the parking charges we all pay in an effort to cover these administration costs.

“A driver who misses one or two tickets may be able to reasonably argue they were unaware of the charges but these demonstrate evasion on an industrial scale.”

Figures published this week showed that councils had raked in £255m in parking fines last year, with motorists in London's Westminster forking out £32.3m for parking fines.