Would You Propose With A Ford Fiesta Engagement Ring?

Thu 30th Sep 2021

Nothing says ‘I do’ like the perfect gleaming diamonds of an engagement ring styled on the headlights of a 2021 Ford Fiesta, but now petrolheads in the UK can get a specially crafted proposal gift which is sure to set hearts racing.

The service is being offered by Scrap Car Comparison website, in partnership with established engagement jeweller, Edward Fleming, who with his 15 years of experience will design an engagement ring designed to look like the motor closest to your partner’s heart.

The service has already created red, white and blue engagement ring based on a Mini Cooper or for something a little bit more expensive a yellow and white ring based on the Lamborghini Huracan, or maybe you have simpler tastes and the royal blue band of the Fiesta can win the day.

“Whether your wife or husband to-be have had to scrap or say goodbye to a beloved vehicle, or they just have a soft spot for a particular car model, our new service aims to pair romance with a ring reminiscent of the revving of your favourite engine,” said a Scrap Car Comparison statement.

“For years, materials from the catalytic converters found in scrapped car exhausts have been recycled and used in standard wedding and engagement rings, however our new service aims to take things one step further, with bespoke designs mirroring the aesthetics of any motor.”

Each ring comes with its own little bespoke charms, for example you can include personalised number plate engravings. The Mini design is based on the Minilight alloy wheel design, while the Lamborghini is created using carbon fiber hexagonal detailing.

Prices are available on request, though if you have to ask then you probably can’t afford it.