Would You Swap Your Car For A Bike?

Wed 31st May 2023

Millions of motorists could be set to swap their cars for alternatives such as electric bikes and public transport if a new report is to be believed.

Recent research from sustainable transport experts Swytch says that approximately 6.4 million individuals in the United Kingdom intend to shift from car ownership to more environmentally friendly transportation alternatives within the next five years.

The escalation of living expenses has resulted in a surge in motoring expenses, encompassing the surge in fuel prices and the expenses associated with charging an electric vehicle.

The report estimates a majority of individuals in the UK have reported increased awareness and concern for sustainability in the wake of the pandemic.

As a result of these dynamic shifts, a growing number of drivers are exploring methods to diminish their carbon footprint, with a significant portion recognising the automobile as the primary source of pollution in their daily routine.

In the data obtained from Swytch, it has been revealed that a significant number of over nine million individuals in Britain have already discontinued the use of their vehicles for short journeys.

Approximately six million individuals are exploring the feasibility of utilising active transportation modes such as cycling, walking, or electric biking.

Despite the recent decline in petrol and diesel prices, motorists continue to incur excessive fuel costs.Several motoring organisations have expressed their dissatisfaction with supermarkets and major retailers for their slow response to reducing prices, particularly for diesel.

“Although there is still progress to be made in creating a sustainable transport infrastructure in the UK, consumer behavioural trends certainly show that the public is starting to favour electric vehicles over internal combustion engines, indicating a dedication towards a greener future,” said Swytch CEO Oliver Montague.

"All research indicates that young people are driving less than in the 1990s, and I think that as sustainability becomes a key priority for the likes of millennials and Gen Z’s, petrol and diesel cars are definitely 'losing their cool'. 

"This is especially true now amid a cost of living crisis when owning and running a car has become far too expensive for a lot of people."