Would You Take £3,000 To Use Public Transport?

Mon 25th Mar 2019

The luxury, freedom and independence of driving your own car has many benefits, and with local authorities struggling to make transport systems work, they are now turning to extreme measures.

With an aim of encouraging motorists to use buses, trams, trains and even bikes, motorists across Britain could be offered cash incentives to ditch their cars.

Whilst some of the bigger cities such as London are introducing punishing measures to persuade drivers to steer clear of city centres, with the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charging motorists £12.50 to enter from April - one council in Coventry is taking a different approach.

West Midlands Combined Authority approved plans for a trial later this year which will see those who agree to give up their cars given a smart card with up to £3,000 of public transport travel credits on it.

Speaking to the The Times, John Seddon, Head of Transport and Innovation at Coventry City Council said: "We see it as a variant of scrappage schemes of the past but rather than trading in an old car for a newer one, it is trading in the car for the ability to use other modes of transport," he told the paper.

"For it to be fully effective we would want people to make the commitment where the car was at least surrendered for a particular time."

The trial is expected to see up to 100 people take part in the early stages, with the funding provided by a £20 million Department for Transport Award.