Yellow Fords Are Video Stars

Thu 27th May 2021

Video gamers around the world have the distinction of virtually driving whichever car they like on their Xboxes and Playstations, but there is one car brand which seems synonymous with digital fantasies.

But where many might think that Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martin’s might feature as the video gamer’s vehicle of choice, it's the most popular car brand in the world that is pixelated the most - Ford.

In a study by Uswitch, the price comparison website found that the Ford Crown Victoria Mk2 was the most common car model in video games, burning rubber in an impressive 635 video games. This rather bland looking sedan is not the most obvious choice for video game joy, however it has been utilised as a police car and taxi to great effect in many games and the fact that it is the colour yellow 187 times may tell us all we need to know.

Ford takes the top two spots in the top ten list of most used cars in video games, with the Ford Mustang Mk1 probably doing video gamers’ street cred a bit more justice. Other cars to feature include the Nissan Skyline Mk10, Toyota Supra Mk4, Mazda RX-7 Mk3.

The list is dominated by American brands, so there’s not too many Vauxhalls or Land Rovers figuring in video games, Ford is top of the leaderboard in this category, with a grand total of 8,888 vehicles featuring. Chevrolet and Toyota complete the top three.

And going back to the taxi theme, while there would be a fair presumption that red and black would dominate the colour schemes of cars on video games - the reality is a little wilder, it might be that video game designers are Coldplay fans - it’s all yellow.

“Surprisingly, the most popular car colour used in video games is yellow. Of the video games studied there were 532 yellow car appearances, from canary to a deep mustard yellow. Blue comes next, with 57 fewer appearances,” said the Uswitch report.