You Won’t Believe What The UK Police Are Using To Catch Bad Drivers

Mon 21st Jan 2019

The UK’s worst drivers are used to be caught on speed cameras or pulled over by a traffic cop in a faster car, but Warwickshire Police have come up with a new weapon to combat reckless motorists.

Police stopped a driver this week who was using their mobile phone to play a movie, and the offending motorist was spotted by using a technique where the police officers sit on the top deck of a bus to peer down on motorists breaking the law.

The undercover double-decker has been used by West Midlands Police recently, catching 19 drivers in 90 minutes who were using their phones. But the police are also on the lookout for drivers who might be distracted by other things, like the recent footage of a driver who was filmed eating a bowl of cereal with no hands on the steering wheel.

Motorists who don’t pay attention to the roads could be charged with driving without due care and attention and if you are caught using a mobile phone you risk being hit with a £200 gine and up to six penalty points.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Mark Hodson, Police Constable at West Midlands Police said:  "We're on the bus and literally we've got officers - two upstairs, two downstairs - who are looking for people who are using their mobile phones.

"It's a really effective way of us catching people. It is the easiest and most prolific way of doing it.

“Using mobile phones while driving is proven to be as dangerous as drink driving; it can devastate lives and people need to understand this isn’t acceptable.

“Offenders will be given a roadside educational input on the dangers of distracted driving and also face the prospect of a hefty fine plus six points on their licence.

“We will look at particular circumstances but there will also be some drivers, ones who’ve been particularly reckless, who we will charged and take to court.”