Vauxhall To Axe Insignia Model


UK fans of the Vauxhall Insignia will be waving goodbye to the much loved motor this year after it was announced that brand were pulling it from production in a shift towards electrification.

Is This The Death Of Diesel?


As new research reveals that only five per cent of motorist will be looking to buy a new diesel as their next car purchase, could we finally say goodbye to one of the most endearing fuel choices?

Is This Britain’s Craziest Speed Camera?


If you think keeping to a 20mph speed limit is bad, how about keeping to that speed knowing there is a speed camera watching you, and it’s at the bottom of a hill!

Is This The World’s Most Expensive Car?


Classic car enthusiasts are buzzing to the news that a secretive auction may have produced the most expensive fee ever paid for a car.

Govt To Target Pothole Culprits


Utility companies who provide sub-standard repair works when digging holes in roads will be hit with financial penalties thanks to a new government scheme.

Would You Drive A Vegan Car?


Three out of four motorists want to see animal products removed from cars says a new report published by The Vegan Society.

Is This The End For Manual Driving Test?


With electric cars becoming more and more a part of everyday motoring life there will come a point when manual gearboxes will be a thing of the past, and with it, the manual driving test.

Smart Motorways To Get New Cameras


While many motorists may worry about the prospect of more cameras on our motorways, National Highways has confirmed that all smart motorways will be fitted with additional safety cameras and radar technology by September.

Microchips Deliver Macro Losses For JLR


The global shortage of semiconductors has been felt across the industry with most motor manufacturers unable to meet production targets, but now that crisis is showing itself on the balance sheets of the biggest car brands.

Centurions Hailed As Cars Last Longer


Worries about buying a car with too much mileage might be now put to rest with new figures revealing that one in five cars now has more than 100,000 miles on the clock.