JLR Cancels Out Travel Sickness With Software Update


New technology adapted by Jaguar Land Rover will cancel out motion sickness in autonomous vehicles, by making them drive more like a human!

INEOS 1 Land Rover 0


Jaguar Land Rover has lost its long-running Defender trademark dispute with INEOS allowing the look-a-like Grenadier project to continue.

Toyota Top Of UK Customer Satisfaction Index


Japanese car brand Toyota is celebrating after being named the highest ranking automotive brand in an influential list of high scoring brands across many sectors.

Caution Urged Over Motor Industry Bounceback


The British car buying public may be back in the market for a new motor if data from a leading industry body is to be believed.

Should SUV Adverts Be Banned?


Large SUVs have been compared to cigarettes by a think tank which is suggesting that car adverts for the UK’s most popular style of car should be banned.

Parliament To Target Young Drivers?


Drivers under 25 would be subject to driving curfews, a limit on passengers and restricted speeds if a government committee sees its proposals passed through parliament.

Britain Goes Dutch With £2.4m Roundabout


Cyclists and pedestrians in a major English city will be the first to feel the benefits of a revolutionary new roundabout system which changes the ‘hierarchy of road users’.

Porsche Motors On Through 2020


The global pandemic has failed to put the skids on German motoring manufacturer Porsche after the company posted a £1.1billion profit for the first six months of the year.

On this day in auto history - July 31st


It was on this day in 1960 that saw the last ever car produced by world-renowned British marque Armstrong Siddeley.

MINI Electric Hits A New Landmark


While the UK motor manufacturing industry sparks back into life following pandemic lockdown restrictions, the MINI plant in Oxfordshire has moved quickly to reach a significant milestone.