Watchdog Warns Of Illegal Child Car Seats


A major consumer watchdog has issued a warning after illegal child car seats were found on sale to UK customers online at Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

Porsche Adds 10% To Post Brexit UK Sales


Porsche customers in the UK will have to sign a clause agreeing to pay an extra 10% on their new car as a consequence of Brexit.

Ford and Vauxhall Dominate Used Car Market In 2018


Ford and Vauxhall sold more than one million used cars between them last year as the two brands proved ever popular on forecourts across the nation.

Ford Warns Of Catastrophic No-Deal Brexit


US car giant, Ford, has warned that a no-deal Brexit will have a catastrophic impact on the motoring industry and has reportedly told the prime minister that it is making plans to shift production away from the UK.

The World Loves These British Built Cars


British motoring may be facing hardship with the unknown consequences of Brexit having a major impact on the industry, but the export market is still strong for many vehicles.

Male Ego Contributes To Climate Change Says British Professor


A leading expert on the causes of climate change has called for a ban on large executive cars, saying vehicles that carry ‘male egos’ should be banned from the road.

Why Are Britain’s Van Drivers Stressed Out?


They drive around the nation’s road network for a living, so understanding the typical British van driver is a good barometer for the general state of the motoring nation.

Distracted Drivers Are Causing Death And Serious Injury Says Report


A new white paper published by road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, has revealed that deaths from distracted drivers are on the increase.

The Cars That Money Can’t Buy – General Motors LeSabre


Sometimes your wallet won’t stretch to purchasing your dream motor. But don’t worry too much, there are some cars that even the biggest bank balances can’t buy, the dream cars that will forever remain a dream. These are the concept cars that never go into production.

Motoring Trailblazers - Rover T3


The world of motoring is hurtling headlong into a bright new future of all-electric, automated, connected technology - and Marty McFly is not behind the wheel! But what were the cars that were ‘back to the future’ of years gone by?